Ashlee-IMG_9990-3                                     We Love Telling Your Story!

Ever since I (Ashlee) was a little girl I have been telling stories and bursting with imagination, constantly looking for the perfect artistic outlet. Over the years I have tried my hand in many different creative mediums: writing, design, music, arts & crafts, and all things colorful and beautiful. Little did I know at the heart of my being also lived an entrepreneur. So naturally the combination of the two, mixed with my love for people, gave birth to none other than a wedding photographer and videographer of course!

I love the celebration of life, people and being able to capture precious moments in my own life on video or in a picture. This is why I am dedicated to preserving these moments of your life with your family and friends, think of all the wonderful memories you will be able to keep forever through photography and videography.

Before my husband and I were photographers and videographers we had no idea how important it was to hire professionals when it came to capturing life’s moments. Looking back at our wedding in 2003 we thought like many young couples, we will just hire a family member to do our photography and my brother will do our video, after all she took photography in film school and my brother loves shooting video. No, wrong, stop, don’t!, hiring our family members didn’t end up well, I think we managed to do all the “don’ts” of wedding planning 101. This is why we were driven to be event photographers and videographers producing nothing less than beautiful art for our clients. Our first couple of years we had a lot of “on the job training” and with each event we bought more equipment and got better and better at planning, lighting, posing and developing our own style.

The last 5 years my super talented husband Doug and I have been diligently working to tell your love story while capturing a look and style that is cutting edge and contemporary. That is why we have dedicated endless hours into every event, photo session and edit, investing time and talent into every person we meet. With every New Year I find myself loving my job even more. To tell you the truth, every time we shoot a wedding I find myself secretly reliving my wedding day and I am often brought to tears.

We have photographed and filmed events at venues throughout California, in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Anaheim and throughout Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange counties. We will work closely with you and your event planner to make sure we are always in the right place at the right time, capturing every detail and all the special moments that take place at your wedding or event.

We never take for granted all the opportunities God has given us to serve Him and others through ministry and through our wedding photography and videography. We work hard to take photos and video of your story that you will love to relive over and over again, all these special moments in life you will cherish many years from now.

Call us today! 818-835-1011 or fill out the form and we'll contact you within an hour. Have a blessed day.

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